CG Generalist
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— Opportunity to work both remotely and relocation to Cyprus, in the city of Limassol. With sea views;
— Help with relocation. Visa support for you and your family;
— Participation in the overall success: bonus program tied to the profit of the project;
— A team of professionals with experience in launching and operating successful mid-core projects;
— We use Unity + internal content customization tools, Jira, Confluence, Google Docs, Miro;
— Powerful technology and devices.
— 3+ years of experience working on game projects;
— Excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop;
— Proficiency with any 3D editor;
— Basic knowledge of Unity;
— High level of 2D rendering;
— Confident knowledge of render packages of any 3D editor (including Marmoset);
— Good level of texturing in any editor;
— The ability to make the correct mesh and competent UV-scan;
— Creation of concepts for environment assets of different levels of complexity;
— Creation of environment asset models, characters and animals;
— Assembly and rendering of scenes in a 3D editor;
— Creation of marketing materials based on ready-made art;
— Creation of UI-arts and icons for the game;
For Westland Survival's flagship project, Cowboy RPG, we are looking for an experienced artist who will be ready to take on a wide range of tasks and create new things for a project with a multi-million audience.