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—Transportation, insurance, working visa in fully covered by Helio Games welcoming relocation bonus.
— First month accommodation is fully covered.
— A share of our common success: participation in company profits program.
— Modern hardware (i7/1TB SSD/64GB RAM minimum + 2−3 displays).
— Cosy office near the sea, huge veranda with BBQ zone, seasonal fruits, regular corporate events and more.
— Sufficient hard skills to handle technical aspects of creating graphics from scratch for a PC game project.
— Experience with Unity - understanding its features and functionality, ability to create and optimize graphics on this platform.
— Knowledge of principles related to materials, lighting, textures, models, and other graphic elements.
— Familiarity with location creation tools: terrain generators, river and road placement, vegetation manipulation, weather effects, building systems, etc. (own developments or third-party tools from the Unity Store).
— Familiarity with generative graphics creation tools such as World Machine, Stable Diffusion, and others.
— Experience working in small teams - excellent communication skills, ability to plan, explain, and provide updates.
— Ability to independently solve assigned tasks and propose alternative solutions.

— Knowledge of programming languages used in game development, such as C# and Python, to create scripts and automate processes;
— Experience with 3D modeling and texturing;
— Experience with animations, rigging, and skinning;
— Understanding of the technical UX/UI components of projects.
— Integration of art content into the project.
— Creating a graphics production pipeline for the project.
— Creating, integrating, and optimizing graphics in Unity.
— Writing auxiliary tools for the editor.
— Setting up effects and animations.
— Writing documentation.
— Collaborating with all project team members.
— R&D.
Our studio was founded by Sergey Orlovsky in 2017, and since then, we have released two successful projects - Westland Survival and Mutiny: Pirate Survival. We are starting to develop a PC project and looking for a technical artist who can create a graphics production pipeline from scratch. What's unique about this vacancy? We believe in generative art and will use it as the basis for the pipeline. We'll tell you more about how exactly in the interview!